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Your ultimate programme to run strong.



Our monthly subscription to help you develop muscular power and endurance to fuel your running.

Confident with your running but need a helping hand with your strength? Then this is the plan for you.

Available in both gym based and home based versions, our S4R programme is delivered via. our online training app and guides you step by step through varied strength training phases - helping to improve your performance.

2 STRENGTH SESSIONS PER WEEK: Working in 4-6 week phases, we provide you with 2 sessions per week that you can work through either at home or in the gym.

- 1 STRETCH & RESET PER WEEK: In addition to your strength sessions, you are also provided with one pre-recorded Stretch & Reset session per week to help aid your recovery from increased training load.

- DEMONSTRATION VIDEOS: All exercises come with clear and detailed demonstration videos so you can be confident with each exercise you are performing.

- FORM TIPS & COACHING CUES: Exercises come with prescribed sets and reps as well as tips to ensure success! We start with the basics, spending 6 weeks building a solid base of compound lifting before we get funky. Stuck or confused? Reach out to us using the in app chat and we'll be sure to help.

- WEIGHT SELECTION GUIDANCE & PROGRESSION INFORMATION: Our S4R eBook comes with information on how to select what weights you're working with and how to ensure progression throughout the weeks!


Once subscribed, please allow 24 hours for the PASSA team to get your subscription set up. We will be in touch via email. Please also ensure you have read our Terms & Conditions prior to sign up and completed our PAR-Q.


S4R T&Cs

S4R Terms & Conditions

  • If you have previously worked with a coach using TrueCoach, then please follow the instructions below:

    • a) Get your previous coach to unassign you from their end​​​

    • b) Register with PASSA using a different email address

  • Upon registering for S4R, please allow the PASSA team 24 hours to get you signed up to your subscription. We will reach out via email, it is your responsibility to respond. Please ensure you check junk/spam during this time if you have not heard from us.​

  • Please ensure you have completed our PAR-Q prior to signing up.

  • This is a monthly subscription:

    • In order to end your subscription at the end of 7 day trial period, you must contact us with at least 48 hours remaining in order for this to be processed in time.

    • Following the 7 day free trial period, cancellations must be given at least 14 days prior to your next billing date. If 14 days notice is not given then the subscription will be cancelled following the next billing.

    • ​In order to amend or cancel your subscription, please reach out to us on

For any questions prior to set up on our S4R plan, please email us on For questions post set up, please use the TrueCoach app chat function.

By signing up to this monthly membership you are agreeing to the above terms & conditions and understand your full responsibility to uphold them.


Check out our other training options or get in touch.

We're happy to help and we'll always reply within 48 hours!


PASSA has changed the game for me in terms of training. I love having structure and someone to hold me accountable when it comes to speed and strength - two areas I used to neglect. I love that my programme is specifically tailored to me and my goals, and Lillie's constant support and check-ins have proved invaluable.


It's something that really sets PASSA aside from other coaches out there. Joining the team has truly been the best decision I've made; in just a few months


I've already made a huge amount of progress and I can't wait to see what I achieve going forward.

- Ali, PASSA Online Run Coaching Client

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